Press Conference | Launch of the ‘Museum in the Village’ Project

The Museum in the Village project, promoted by SAMP, seeks to provide culture to those who no longer have the opportunity or motivation to enjoy and practice it, thereby improving the quality of life for all involved. In recent years, there has been an increase in life expectancy and support networks for the elderly. However, there is still a clear deficit in care and activities that promote social, psychological, emotional, and cultural empowerment, especially for isolated yet independent seniors. It is in this context that the “Museum in the Village” project emerges, primarily aiming to combat loneliness and isolation exacerbated by the current pandemic situation, intensifying the suffering of this vulnerable population.

This project targets independent seniors aged 65 and above from the 26 municipalities of the Culture Network 2027, residing in isolated rural environments with limited access to culture. Through a distinctive artistic and cultural program, SAMP professionals, in collaboration with professionals from respective museums, bring museum pieces to different villages to be reinterpreted by the elderly residents. Subsequently, the goal is for the village to visit the museum and present its own cultural moment and creation.

Through this work, we aim to promote and enhance bonds between people, neighbors, and family members through art and culture, thereby disrupting the increasing isolation of these seniors throughout the Leiria District. Additionally, the project seeks to highlight the role of museums as institutions that, in line with their vision and mission, serve the public in the face of various social transformations.

To publicly present the “Museum in the Village” project, we will have the opportunity to hear from the following participants in this meeting, to be held in the “Mosteiro” Community in Pedrógão Grande:

  • Mayor of Pedrógão Grande, Valdemar Alves
  • President of the SAMP Board, Hugo Alves
  • Coordinator of SAMP Contigo and Director of the ‘Museum in the Village’ Project, Raquel Gomes
  • Representative of Museums from the Culture Network 2027, Margarida Moleiro
  • Director of the Executive Group of Culture Network 2027, Paulo Lameiro
  • Representative of Museums from the Culture Network 2027, Margarida Moleiro
  • Regional Representative of Social Innovation – Central Region | Portugal Social Innovation, Alexandra Neves
  • Vice-Mayor of Leiria Municipal Council and Councilor for Culture, Anabela Graça

Given the special circumstances we are facing and the limited space for this event, the number of journalists who can be physically present at this press conference is very limited. Media representatives wishing to attend this event should register by emailing joana.goncalves@samp.pt, with attendance limited. The press conference will be broadcast on the SAMP website, through the SAMP Play page, and on the SAMP YouTube channel.

“Museum in the Village” is promoted by SAMP, financed by POISE – Portugal 2020, through the Portugal Social Innovation Initiative, with the Municipal Council of Leiria as the social investor. It also brings together partners such as Municipal Councils and Museums of the Culture Network 2027 – Leiria, among many others who have joined this innovative initiative. In order to better assess the impact generated by the project, we also rely on the important support of the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.