When museums meet villages!

This is an invitation to meet and share. Enter, discover and explore the villages and museums of the Museum in the Village project through a digital experience with the cultural heritage of each.

Museum in the Village

Welcome to the Museum in the Village! In this artistic and social intervention project, focused on the elderly population in rural and isolated areas, 13 museums and 13 villages from 26 Portuguese municipalities come together in a large network. Communities interact with museum professionals, artists and local organisations to share their cultural heritage and revive traditions. Learn more about the Museum in the Village Project and join us for this unique experience!

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I liked the socialisation, the interest they brought up in us to help the population to evolve and to remember their history (...) What they have to say. For the generations to come. And the explanation of certain things (...) History told with the facts (...) historical records (...) how it happened, how it went down.

Acácio Gustavo, Community of Columbeira, Municipality of Bombarral

Museums belong to a big family... which is the community. (...) Museums have pieces that tell stories (...) they maintain the living memory of a group of people who built a community.

Ana Umbelino, Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Culture of the City Council of Torres Vedras.

It was delightful, the conviviality (...) we must help one another and bond with each other. Because one person alone is nothing and nobody.

Maria Celeste, Community of Pena and Casal da Pena, Municipality of Torres Novas

I didn't believe it was possible to turn wind into art.

João Neto, Community of Fetelaria, Municipality of Sobral de Monte Agraço.

I had never seen such a beautiful exhibition like the one with these little heads, that veil, that lighting; everything was so beautiful. (...) I won't forget you, what you have done, what you have brought. You made us see things and do things that I had never done, nor had ever touched. I'm ecstatic. Inside I'm a queen. I'm fortunate to have met you all.

Felizarda Rosa, Community of Cabeças, Municipality of Alvaiázere

The sense of self-esteem of the elderly, seeing their artistic creation displayed in a distant place and, most particularly, in a museum, is something that seemed unattainable to them and it has been all too evident.

Jorge Figueiredo, Cultural Heritage, Municipality of Porto de Mós.

The Museu na Aldeia project was very important for the community of Fanhais (...) it strengthened bonds and delivered humanity in a very strong way.

Filipa Lopes, Universidade Sénior da Nazaré (University of the 3rd Age), Fanhais campus, Municipality of Nazaré